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The frivolous marketing statement generator

IWGI is a fictious company, invented by myself as an aparatus to employ my critique not just on the businss world, but on the business of the business world. A marketing statement is often "performed" at a meeting of other individuals (investors or clients) in an effort to proclaim that the money spent on the marketing team is money well spent for the company and that the progress of THE project is still running smoothly. Philisophically in line with W.C. Fields' statement "If you can't dazzle them with brilliance, baffle them with bullshit". The statement is frivolous, formulaic, and idiomatic. The words extrapolate patterns into a template that are then intermingled with a random selection of exclusitory buzz words to give it that "sink or swim" polish. It must be said however, that the strategies employed by employed artist follow a similar tactic to ensure the continuity of their own projects. To say these statements are unnecessary might be true if held to the values of trust and faith, however more often is the case unnecessary statements like these are intrinsically required much in the same way the art they may be representing is superflous but required. And as a fellow proclaimer of unnecessary statements, objects, and images, these statements are an art.

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